Zen Meditation

I had not realized how easy zen meditation can be until I was almost forced to "become zen" on a recent flying adventure.

My cousin and I had set out on a once in a lifetime adventure to fly a small airplane from Massachusetts to Alaska and back. We made it all the way to Anchorage but still had not become at peace with elements we were engaging - mostly the weather. Not being able to move on from Anchorage because of weather began to frustrate us until one morning my cousin suggested we had better just "become zen" and accept our situation. Many years earlier I had practiced zen meditation and recalled some of the instrutions given by my teacher. I recall his voice saying

Zen is keeping a "don't know" mind, always and everywhere.

So for the next few days we relaxed into not knowing when we would leave Anchorage. Finally, we did. More importantly, we enjoyed most of the time we spent there.

Later in the trip when once again waiting out weather, this time in Watson Lake in the Yukon, we ended up having probably one of the best experiences of our entire trip, just by maintaining a "don't know" state of mind. We made friends with several other aviators, and with our combined efforts and support, we flew down what is known as "The Trench" and enjoyed an incredible day of flying in majestic wilderness.

And it was great to be reminded of the essence of zen.

Zen mindfulness means keeping don't-know mind. When sitting just sit, when eating just eat, when walking just walk, when waiting just wait, and soon your mind will become clear.

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