Your body already knows

by Cynthia
(Salt Lake City)

I was in a PRYT class, my first experience, when the instructor told us to pair up for the next position. I do not care for 'partner' yoga, it is a very personal experience for me, not to be physically shared with a stranger. I quietly mentioned this to the instructor, she then asked if I might allow her to be my partner. She had already made the class seem very comfortable and safe, so I agreed. She stood behind me as I was prone on the floor, I reached my arms back, she grasped my hands and gently yet with just enough tension, coaxed my shoulders back and my heart to open. I had an epiphany about the relationship I was in at the time-it was all wrong, I needed to end it. Tears came to my eyes, I could breathe easier for the first time in a year. I was so peacefully happy and was able to let go of this relationship with kindness, for myself as well as the man I was with. I am forever grateful for this experience. My body already knew the answer to the question I had not even asked it. I must thank my insightful instuctor, Rachel Posner.

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