Yoga Therapy For Stress

Yoga Therapy for stress is fast becoming a popular option chosen by those who want to live a calmer life and at the same time build within themselves the capacity to handle the demands of modern day living.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioners are one group of yoga therapists who have been trained in a body-mind approach which is based on a Rogerian philosophy. This approach empowers the client and allows for the unique nature of each person and their lifestyle.

This approach is also a way of supporting the individual not only physically, but also at an emotional and spiritual level as well.

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Yoga Therapy using the Phoenix Rising approach is also helpful for gaining mental clarity and finding out what is important in life and what is not. Stress is often created by doing or trying to do a whole bunch of things that are not in harmony with our "inner knowing". We are literally swimming upstream against a huge current and life becomes a struggle. So not only is yoga therapy good for stress, it can turn stress into bliss by helping you find and follow your dream.

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