Yoga Good for Stress - Catch 22

Yoga good for stress? We know that is right? But ask anyone who is really stressed if they do yoga and they will most likely tell you they don't have the time. Lets face it, anyone who is really under stress has a difficult time finding extra time for anything - particularly something like yoga.

So what's the answer? Well I've been around long enough to know that sometimes we have to throw principles to the wind and compromise. Sure an hour of yoga a day is ideal but for many people that just won't work. So what about 20 seconds of yoga? That's possible isn't it? OK.. how about 20 seconds every few hours? Could you manage that?

If so, here's how. Try each of the following short exercises as many times a day as you can but at least one every few hours. Not ideal, but might make a difference.

1. Deep Full Breaths

Take 20 seconds to slowly breathe in and out - preferably with your eyes closed and sitting or standing comfortably as you do.

2. Ugly Faces

Take 20 seconds to screw up your face as tight as you can and then let it go. Repeat 3 times.

3. Shoulder Shrugs

Bring your shoulders up to your ears and hold them there as tightly as you can for a few seconds and then let them go with a big exhale. Repeat 2 more times.

4. Hug Yourself

Place left hand on right shoulder and right hand on left shoulder. From this position give yourself a big hug. Repeat 3 times.

5. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

Well try anyway. Put your head down between your legs and see if you can. Don't strain too hard though. It's more about having a good laugh at yourself than trying too hard and the body movement will help let go of a little tension at the same time.

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