Walking Meditation: Another Quiet Walk With My Deaf Dog

Can you do a walking meditation while you walk your dog? With my deaf dog Lilly that is exactly what I do. I remember when I first learned walking meditation. It was a pretty complex thing the way it was taught then. Putting one foot in front of the other and focusing on the movement, along with everything else. Getting into a Zen like trance while walking very slowly.

Walking with Lilly, it's much simpler. We just go for a walk and don't talk. And I follow her lead in what to do. Instead of thinking, I smell the air, look at the scenery and try to stay totally present to all that is around me through all of my senses. Sure my mind kicks in from time to time (actually quite a lot) and takes me out of the experience of the moment. My practice then, is to notice that. No reaction needed. Just notice that I am no longer present to all that is around me and instead am engaging the thoughts flashing through my mind. Lilly helps me out usually. I can't think for too long before she gets my attention with a tug on her leash or stopping to sniff something she's found. This pulls me right out of my thoughts and back to the moment in hand. Time to notice and to refocus on "what's happening now".

Usually by the time we've been out for 15 minutes or so I begin to get in a groove with it. The thoughts become less intrusive and all of what I'm seeing and sensing becomes more powerfully present. I begin to notice the "letting go" that happens not only in my mind but physically as well.

Bottom line, it doesn't take much to meditate and walk and the benefits are almost instantly noticeable. I really like my quiet walks with my deaf dog.

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