Tuscany, Italy

by Sudhakar Ken McRae
(Columbia MO)

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

Our yoga practice in Tuscany, Italy will include "on the mat" time each day with Kripalu yoga classes and pranayama (breathing techniques) designed to stretch and energize our bodies. These classes will be accessible to everyone - novice or seasoned practitioner. Some of the rewards of yoga "on the mat" are a renewed zest for life, heightened awareness and a feeling of wholeness. And, of course, greater flexibility of body and mind.

Much of our yoga practice will be "off the mat" as we dive into an exploration of the rich Italian culture. What better place to experience a heightened awareness of the senses than in exquisite Tuscany where sense pleasures abound in the sweet joys of everyday life.

The working organic farm at Ebbio will offer us an opportunity to re-connect with the earth - to dig our hands into the soil that grows our food, to taste the freshly picked, deliciously prepared gourmet vegetarian meals.

The 800 year-old villa, oozing with character that only centuries can create, will transport us back to a time when life was simpler.

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