Turn Stress Into Bliss Audio

Listen to these Turn Stress Into Bliss audio recordings by Michael Lee to support you with your Eight Week Program. Check back from time to time for new additions to this audio library.

Program Introduction - All About the Eight Week Program

Week One - Introduction to the First Week

Exercises Week One - Let Yourself be Guided by Michael


Wake-Up Warm-Up Exercise

Falling Out Breath

To maximize your benefit from this program read the first four chapters of the book Turn Stress Into Bliss before you begin. Set yourself up for success by blocking out the time each day you will need. It may seem like a big commitment at first and there will probably be times when you will notice your resistance to doing it. At these moments, just ask yourself what it is you are wanting to create in your life and why you chose to seek support with this program. Let your answer help you decide your best option. I hope these audio recordings will help make it a little easier for you. Good luck!

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Please tell us how we can better support you with your 8 Week Turn Stress Into Bliss program. Also tell us about your experience with it. We love hearing from our readers.

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