Time Management for Stress Reduction

Good time management can lead to less stress in life. How often do you wish you had more time to do all those things on your list?

How often do you come up empty and say things like "There is just never enough time. How can I possibly get everything done?"

Effective time management begins with the awareness and acceptance of the reality that there really is never enough time to do everything, no matter how well you manage. OK, there may be exceptions like the person who has few agendas, low key goals, and is a procrastinator who gets very little done. But generally, most of us with time management issues, are people trying to pack more and more so called "important tasks" into our daily lives. We bounce from one important task to the next and spend much of our day feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of all we are trying to accomplish.

You can look on this site or search on-line and find a list of tips telling you to do things like "plan each day" and "break down tasks in to manageable pieces" and so on. Will tips like this help? Maybe in the short run but over the longer haul some deeper fundamental shifts might be needed as well.

Such deeper shifts involve looking at your life and what you are trying to create and how you are going about it. This requires a step back from everything to gain a better perspective. It is extremely difficult to gain perspective while remaining embroiled in the activity. You might want to begin by taking a time out for some deep reflection followed by some strategic planning in order to get your life in better control.

In the eight week program outlined in my book Turn Stress Into Bliss, I suggest a Renewal Retreat as part of the process. Here you will find guidance in planning, creating, and using a time out to help get life back on track.

If you decide a personal retreat is not possible right now, then another way to get perspective and tune in to your inner wisdom and guidance is to get a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session. You don't have to be "yoga fit". These sessions work with anyone, even people who have never been to a yoga class in their life. Many clients find resolution by taking just an hour or two a week for a session to help them get back in touch with themselves and create a plan for their life that is just right for them.

Favorite Tips for Better Managing Your Time

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