Time Management Tips for Less Stress

1. Of all the time management tips I can offer this one is my favorite. I call it Move the Big Rock First.

When you get up each day, imagine your job is moving a pile of rocks. You look at your rock pile and decide which is the "biggest" (read "most important") rock to move today.

2. Another tip that compliments the Big Rock is the 80/20 tip.

The idea here is to decide which is the biggest rock in your pile by asking what task will take 20% of my time but get 80% of my result in terms of progress towards my overall goal. Rocks (tasks) that meet this criteria become your "big rocks" or most important tasks for the day. Choose one, and put your attention there first.

3. Beware the time suckers! This tip is one that has saved me an incredible amount of time and helped me get to the big rocks first. My biggest time sucker is email. If the first thing I do each day is open my email, I can be sure to spend the next hour or more involved in reading, responding, and generally letting myself become distracted by whatever shows up in my in-box. So now, I first focus on my big rock and leave the email until later in the morning.

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