Teenage Stress

A recent UCLA study reports that teenage stress can have a negative affect on physical health in later years – particularly in relation to cardio-vascular disease.

I guess this finding is not so alarming on the surface. What is concerning though is the significant increase in stress being experienced by a large percentage of teens in recent years.

Recent Canadian research tells us that the most stressed age group is the 18-24 year olds.

The life of an average teen today is very different than it was for someone that age in 1985. It seems today there is more pressure to perform in many areas of life and not just academically.

Social networks fueled by instant messaging and cell phones have expanded to the point that thirty percent of some teens waking hours is spent in cyber conversation.

Throw in on top of this the usual homework concerns, getting along with parents, dealing with first love, dressing to be cool, a changing body and other issues and it's not surprising that many teens succumb to "over the top" stress. No longer does the home provide a safe haven and a respite from the outside stressors that many teens are facing.

Fortunately, there are some great programs around these days that offer teens the opportunity to "come back to earth" so to speak. One that I have first hand experience with (my son went there) is the Rocky Mountain Semester at HMI in Leadville, Colorado for high school juniors. This is one of the coolest programs around that I know of for bringing out the very best in adolescents.

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