Which One?

Hi and thanks for coming to this page to help me out with my choice of which workshop to present.

I've been asked to present a day long intensive workshop at the Yoga Journal Conference in Boston next April. I have two ideas in mind but am also open to other suggestions. I want to select a workshop that will serve the needs of those attending and will draw a good crowd. There is room for 80 people and I'd like to have 80 people there for the day.

Please read over the two descriptions and tell me which one you would prefer to attend by completing the short survey form underneath. Also please send my request for feedback along with the URL for this page to any of your friends, students, or others who might like to give an opinion. I need as many opinions as I can get.

1. Yoga for Stress – Elements of an Effective Practice

We all know yoga is good for stress and its related disorders but what elements of a yoga practice make it more effective in preventing and managing life stress. In this workshop you will learn what makes a difference and how as a student or teacher you can design a yoga practice based on Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy principles that will integrate mind and body in an open ended and deeply healing experience.

2. Transformation and a Life that Flows

We know yoga can change lives but need it take years of practice, hours of painful discovery, or adherence to dogma. In this experiential workshop learn the required elements for an effective yoga practice for changing your life and the lives of others. You will learn what helps and what hinders the transformational process and how to design a practice that fully supports it and makes it simply flow with ease.

Which of the two descriptions appeal and if you were going to the Yoga Journal Conference (I hope you can come) you would want to attend.

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I also have a new bio too and if you want to comment on that also, feel free. Thanks.


Michael Lee is the author of "Turn Stress Into Bliss" and the founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. As an Associate with Sophia and Associates in Baltimore he now offers personal Stress Management Coaching for executives. Born in Australia, he is also a pilot and a widely travelled adventurer. Michael lives with his family in Massachusetts and commutes to his retreat and writers' camp near Katahdin in Northern Maine. His personal website is http://www.turn-stress-into-bliss.com and his email michael@Turn-Stress-Into-Bliss.com