More Stress Relief Yoga

Want more stress relief yoga? You've come to the right place but first you might want to check the original five exercises in this series. 6. Throw a Wobbly

When I was a kid we used to describe anyone who was reacting unfavorably to a stressful situation by telling our friends something like..."Gee you should have seen him. He was really throwing a wobbly!" Well you can throw a wobbly and use it to relieve your stress. Here's how.

Find a place where you won't be seen or heard. At the office a sound proof closet is a good place. Shake your body in every direction possible in a very random fashion while at the same time making whatever random rediculous sounds you feel like to accompany the movement. Continue for 20 seconds. You'll feel better. Trust me!

7. Screamin' in your Car

This one comes from an old song by Dory Previn. The idea is to wind up your car windows and scream at anyone, about anything, for as long and as loudly as you want. Do make sure the car windows are up, no one else is in the car, and you are not passing a police cruiser at the same time.

(Yes it is yoga!! Just a different kind.)

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