Stress Reduction Techniques

Of the many stress reduction techniques around, some work well while others are questionable at best. On the other hand, if something works well for you then use it. Trial and error is the best approach to finding what works for you but don't waste your money on expensive equipment that promises nirvana until you've tried some of the no cost stress management techniques that have been around for ages.

Also techniques alone are not often the solution to managing stress over the long haul. You really need an integrated program that you follow daily.

But here are a few of the more popular techniques that you might want to try.


Yoga is more than a technique. The field is so broad that there are many different approaches and styles. Practiced with the right approach, yoga is a great stress management technique.


Meditation techniques are really an aspect of yoga and is probably one of the best stress management techniques you can try.


We know exercise reduces stress but how do we get started and fit it into a busy schedule? To check out my simple approach to this dilemma click here.


This is a body oriented concentration technique and is very effective for short term stress relief. Practiced regularly, it can also help overall in the longer term. For a full description and directions click here.


The couch or the yoga mat? Can yoga therapy be as effective as psychotherapy in relieving the symptoms of stress when they manifest in our lives or do they have different approaches and purposes?


Notice the emphasis on the word "REAL". Many vacations are anything but a vacation. Hear what some of our readers consider to be places for a real vacation.


This is a great way to take a time out to get some clarity of mind, get back in touch with your life, and review priorities. I particularly like heading into the wilderness for a retreat. If you would like to join me check out my Maine North Woods Wilderness Retreats


Do They Work?

Greek worry beads or komboloi have been around for centuries. I tried them when I lived in Greece for a time and it was one of the least stressed times of my life. Of course living a simple lifestyle on a Greek island may have helped.

Honestly, I don't think they do much other than being a way of focusing awareness on something other than the problem on your mind.

Greek Komboloi

Stress Balls are the modern version of much the same thing, only different in shape and are often popular in high stress corporate settings. In my opinion they are really more of a gimmick than a genuine aid to stress reduction.


There is definitely some truth to the saying that "laughter is the best medicine". When it comes to stress reduction techniques, clicking on a link to a joke or cartoon that enables you to laugh about your situation for a minute or two is well worth the time it takes.


There is now a lot of useful material on the web to help with stress reduction. Here's a sample of a few very different ones. Remember - what works for you is what matters.

Susan Owen-Thursfield's Blog - fun to read - information for natural health and wellbeing

Christian Life Coaching and Stress Management - interesting

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