Tips to Beat Stress Over Money

One of the best ways to beat stress over money is to get pro-active. Take a few baby steps on a daily basis that will get you moving in the right direction. Some of these might be big steps but it doesn't matter. Just doing one thing each day will make a difference.

1. I put this one #1 because it has the most potential for the long run. Here you will take an active step to change your relationship to money.. Easier said than done maybe? Well not really. There are some excellent resources out there and this is one that I particularly like. Check it out.

Money Magnet Meditations

2. Reduce your Outgoing Expenses. There are many ways you can do this if you begin to think "outside the box". To help you get started here are a few suggestions.

Most of us have Cable TV and shell out $50 or more a month for it. Did you know you can get as much TV as you want for virtually nothing on your PC or Laptop over the Internet. Here is one really cheap program that I've researched. It works, costs just a little to set up, and then you never pay another cable bill.

Digital TV on Your PC - Watch Free

How about your rent payments? Like to get rid of them for a while? Ever wondered if you could live rent-free. Well if you are relatively independent, mobile, and presentable - you can. Check out the possibility of House Sitting using this resource.

Worldwide House Sitters Directory

Maybe you would like to sell your house as a way of getting out of debt or setting up your life in a more manageable way? But the news from the realtors is dismal and you feel stuck. Don't despair. Check this resource.

How to Sell Your House - FAST

To beat stress over money, you have to get active. But just doing things for the sake of doing them and not really knowing if they'll make a difference is not wise. Instead, get the help you need from those who know more than you. Be open to learning. And remember, just one step at a time will make a difference. Make your own plan but also consider some of the suggestions above. One pro-active day at a time and your stress over money will fade away.

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