Stress Management Resources

The following list of stress management resources will be updated regularly. Be sure to check back often for the latest information.

Yoga Therapy

Find a yoga teacher or yoga therapist who is trained in body-mind, psycho-emotional, or a non-directive approach for best results. This is different than a pure physical approach to yoga and requires specialized training. To find a yoga therapist near you check this list of qualified yoga therapy practitioners.

Beyond Talk Therapy

The book "Beyond Talk Therapy: Using Movement and Expressive Techniques in Clinical Practice" edited by Daniel Wiener, was published by the American Psychological Association in 1999. Michael Lee, the founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy contributed a chapter which outlines two case studies illustrating the practice. Other chapters in the book deal with a variety of movement and expressive therapy techniques.

Self Massage

Take a little time to treat your body to a self massage using this nifty little device called the Medi-Rub Body Massager

Stress in the Workplace

There are trained professionals who specialize in work stress and offer programs in an organizational context. Check out the workshops and consulting services offered by Soleil Hepner

Michael Lee, the author of this website and the book Turn Stress Into Bliss, designs programs and provides consultancy services to corporate executives in the areas of stress managment, wellness, and dynamic living through the Maryland/DC based Sophia Associates, Inc.


If you are in need of daily inspiration or if you just like to read a short inspiring paragraph to set you up for a good day, sign up for Every Day Epiphanies. They are written by Alicia, a fellow writer and long time good friend, who has a gift with words. You will receive a short inspiring email every day, and they are free.

HeartMath LLC

As someone preferring "natural" methods and wary of stress reducing "devices" I had to change my mind after reviewing this product. This little beauty, using a bio-feedback like technology, helps you learn how to monitor and change your heart rate and your stress levels. If you like gadgets that work and want one to help with stress, try this. - HeartMath EmWave

Herbs for Stress

Herbs have been used for a long time to help overcome many of the symptoms of stress. Read more and check out our reccommended supplier of quality herbal products to meet your needs.

Another product that I particularly like is Marine Phytoplankton. It has all the good stuff contained in similar "green" supplements, plus a whole lot more. Helps build resiliency. Nutrition 500 Inc

Look Good Feel Good

How we appear to ourselves does make a difference to how we feel about ourselves. If you want quality natural products to help you look good and feel good check out Apothica LLC

Diabetes and Stress

Check out this great website with loads of helpful information.

Quotes on Stress and other Stress Management Resources

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