Stress Management Programs

Stress management programs abound these days but what makes an effective program as opposed to window dressing?

A lot of companies are getting into the act and setting up programs within organizations aimed at creating a calmer and more productive work environment for both management and workers. But do they work?

From my point of view, there are two fundamentally different approaches to program design. There is what I call the "band-aid approach" and there is the "transformative approach".

With the band aid approach we try to patch up a bad situation. We ask stressed out people to exercise more, to practice better time management, to watch their diet, to get more rest, and so on. All of this helps but it all involves the same human being doing a few different things and hoping for a major change. It just won't happen!

With the transformative approach we focus our attention on helping the individual make some real changes (transformation) from the inside out. That includes their view of themselves, their priorities in life, their view of the world, their emotional and spiritual well being, the state of their relationships, and when you come right down to it who they are and who they want to be in the world.

Engaging the transformative approach to stress management requires a skilled process facilitation and the buy-in of each participant in the program to want to embrace meaningful change.

Designing educational programs that support transformation is something I have been involved in for over 35 years. There are key elements to such program designs, far too involved to discuss here. However, if you or your organization is considering launching a stress management program, you might want to ask yourself to what extent you want to support real and lasting change. If that is a priority for you, I would be happy offer you a single free consultation to talk about how you might achieve that with whoever you choose to work.

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