Stress Management in the Workplace

Stress management in the workplace is common for many of us these days. As organizations strive to adapt to a changing economy and sustain employee motivation, the level of stress often increases. Is job stress something we just have to live with now? Or is it something we can control? Isn't there an ideal job with no stress at all?

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting face to face a woman by the name of Carol Pilon. Carol is no ordinary person. Her profession is wing walking! Yep, that's right! She walks on the wings of an airplane in flight and actually stays there standing on the wing and doing tricks while the pilot pushes the airplane through an aerobatic routine including loops and inversions. This is no ordinary job and I would imagine it's the kind of job that would push the limits for most of us.

Work Stress

But not for Carol. Of course there is some stress involved. Yesterday she was training a new pilot for some upcoming airshows. Everything has to work just right for her routine to work and to ensure a safe completion so efforts have to be made to get it right. That goes with just about every human endeavor. So why am I telling you about Carol?

Well, if Carol can do the job she does and not experience the kind of stress that pushes her over the top, then why can't we? If the worst we have to deal with is some ornery co-worker, then what's the problem? At least we don't have to stand on the wing of an airplane upside down with our life on the line!

I guess what I'm saying is this. It's often not the job that causes the stress but how we relate to the job is the cause. So what's the secret? How can we set ourselves up for less work stress and more fun?

Tips for Stress Management in the Workplace

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