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Of all stress management books this is the one we suggest you try. It is a do-it-yourself at home version of the tested eight week Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy program. Unlike other books on stress management that mostly give advice, this program guides you through processes and easy to follow exercises that put you in the driver's seat of your life, and once learned, will radically transform your life and help you build your stress resistant inner muscle and resiliency.

Before the book was published we did several trial programs. Participants surveyed after those programs reported a 55% reduction in their stress related symptoms. Could you use 55% less stress in your life? If so get this book and put aside a little time each day and in just eight weeks, you too might be a lot less stressed. Check the FREE resources below that you can try as well.


Here's a passage from the Introduction:

In 'Turn Stress Into Bliss', Michael Lee illuminates, in a heartfelt and accessible manner, the Phoenix Rising approach to stress-reduction and personal transformation. Follow his eight week plan and you may discover that you are, as Joseph Campbell used to say, following your bliss.

Timothy McCall, MD Medical Editor of Yoga Journal and author of "Yoga As Medicine".

After you buy your copy of this book you should find it easy to follow the step by step Eight Week Stress Reduction Program outlined, and be able to create more bliss and less stress in your life from here on.

To get you started here is a Free Mini E-book on one of the key exercises in Week One - Befriending Your Body

Right-click to download this PDF file here.

You can also click on this link to listen to

Free Audio Recordings of an Introduction to the Eight Week Program, Week One, and one of the first Exercises.

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