Stress and Pregnancy

A new study shows a relationship between stress and pregnancy rates.

Women who took a stress management program showed a 160 percent great chance of becoming pregnant than women who did not take the program according to a study conducted in conjunction with Harvard Medical School by the Domar Center for Mind-Body Health in Boston.

If women were diagnosed as mildly depressed the study showed an even greater percentage increase for them if they took the program.

This relationship is just one of many in the area of mind-body health where stress can be a contibuting factor to a state of health that is less than optimal. For our bodies to function at optimal levels, we need to be able to relax easily, to feel enjoyment, to have fun, and to be engaging in life for most of the time without a lot of worries.

It also follows that once pregnant, stress can play a major part in affecting the health of both the mother during and after pregancy and the health of the baby in the womb and after birth.

The message is clear. If you want to conceive easily and have a healthy child, take steps to minimize stress and live a relaxed lifestyle. Check out the resources on this website and elsewhere that will support you.

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