Stay the Course

by Ken Lidden
(Topsfield, MA, USA)

When would I find the time to to write about my experiences with Yoga, Meditation and my Emotions. Have pondered that all week.

For me it has been, and continues to be all about the commitment made to myself somewhat unconsciously some 10 years ago. So I continue to this day to practice, practice and practice some more. I have found teachers and mentors along the way that have supported and taught me to support myself.

I encourage all to find people that will teach and support you in your journey, so you can find the courage you don't think you have to begin to self support. So much could be said about patience, perseverance, trust and so on.

For me it's about the practice, time spent by myself with myself, whether in a yoga pose or just sitting. Allowing the stillness and silence to be with me and explore and experience what happens here.

Note to self: smile and be honest in my practice, no students this morning means time to write this small story, and more time to practice staying the course to the commitment I made all those years ago. Om shanti (eternal peace) to all.

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