Spontaneous crying in rest pose

by Pumpkin

I'd been telling myself I should do yoga after not doing it for a long time, and never routinely, and finally got on the mat with a DVD the day before yesterday. On my second session today, I was surprised to find myself crying as I relaxed in rest pose. I wasn't sad, it was just coming out. And as the DVD routine ended with an ohm, I actually vocalized it without much thought where before I had felt it silly and unnecessary. I've gotten very emotional during meditation before but hadn't experienced that with yoga. It felt like a healthy natural thing to occur and hopefully it means I'm doing something right.

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Mar 15, 2015
by: Michael

You are on the right track. Your yoga taps into your body's wisdom and if emotions are there waiting to be felt, your yoga practice will help them show up. All you need to do is be fully present to the experience. No need to push the emotions away or to dive deep into them. Just allow them to be there and notice them. Thanks for sharing this with our readers. I'm sure others will benefit from reading about your experience.

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