Self Renewal

by Michael Lee

We all need self renewal from time to time in our lives. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and from there to lose ourselves. Our thoughts become stale, our feelings dulled, and our spirits hidden from the world.

I've noticed it happen to myself and seen it happen in many others. I've also seen myself overcome this malaise and have wondered if there is any particular way that is better for self renewal than any other. Now the research is beginning to support what I intuitively sensed to be true.

For me, getting out of a rut, clearing my head, reconnecting with my true "self" and enlivening my spirit, was easy to accomplish when I spent time in nature and when I allowed myself to become more aware of my thoughts, feelings, and sense of self. It was most difficult for me to get out of a rut when I simply tried to convince myself that I needed to change and kept on doing the same old every day routine.

For the past seven years I've been fortunate to have a place to go that works like a charm. It's my "camp" in the Maine North Woods. Within hours of arriving there and taking just a little time to immerse myself in the beauty of the place I can sense a shift beginning to occur. Given enough time, it can happen without doing much of anything else.

But many years ago, I was also fortunate to have also developed and taught an awareness raising process that is at the core of the healing modality known as Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Over time, I've learned how to use this process in many different ways - while hiking, doing yoga, washing dishes, watching a sunset, kayaking, swimming, shaving, and even while taking a shower.

I've discovered that using this self renewal process, while at the same time being in very beautiful and wild surroundings, is often like throwing a stick of dynamite at my consciousness. In short, I become super aware, I feel deeply, and my spirit begins to soar. The Phoenix rises from the ashes. Creativity abounds and there is nothing in life to fear and no problems for my mind to create. I become renewed and ready to re-engage, often committed to making changes large and small, that will really make a difference in my life.

Over the past few years I've refined this process - particularly as it applies to wilderness experiences - and I've become so excited about what I've learned that I want to share it with others. But I want to do it on my home turf and in the place that has become my spiritual home. So be prepared to travel if you want to join me. I hope you will.

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