Relieve Stress Go Fishing

Relieve stress, go fishing? People still do that? Remember the days when you would see a sign on the door of the country store that said "Gone Fishin'"?. It's meaning ran deeper than just announcing the fact that the owner has simply gone fishing.

Indeed it's a much more powerful statement. It implies an attitude that says "To hell with it! Yes, my business might be important, but today it isn't. Today it's more important that I escape this place. Fishing is my way. See 'ya."

The love of fishing and the empathy it induces in those who have ever wet a line, makes it viable excuse to escape if one is ever needed.

So if you are feeling stressed and at all inclined to fish, why not take the bait and "Go fishing"? To make it a full and effective stress reduction strategy here are a few tips that might help.

1. Don't just go for a day to a nearby crowded stream or shore - make an adventure of it and go away for several days. For me it's usually a trip to Northern Maine to fish for native brook trout in some pristine glacial lake where I'm unlikely to find another soul.

2. Make sure it's a place that is hard to reach should anyone try to find you or even communicate with you. No stressful phone calls allowed. Where I go, there is no cell phone reception for miles.

3. Get your fishing goals clear before you leave. Do you need to catch fish or does it not matter if you do or you don't? Do you need to eat the fish you catch or are you going to release them? Choose the place to go based on your answers to these questions. I am definitely into catching fish and eating fish, so I go where there is a strong chance of finding good edible fish.

4. Don't use weather as an excuse not to go. Some of my most memorable fishing experiences have been hiking miles into some remote pond in pouring rain, shivering most of the day in soggy clothes, and enjoying every minute of it.

5. Go alone or choose a companion wisely. My fishing companions love to fish, don't care if they get wet, love to hike as well as fish, and don't feel like they need to say a whole lot while fishing.

6. If you do find one of those great fishing spots where nature abounds, the fish are plentiful, and you can re-energize yourself in a day of fishing - keep it to yourself. Such places are hard to find and you wouldn't want to spoil it for yourself for the future now would you? Very few know where I am when I'm "gone fishin'" and that's how I plan to keep it.

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