Relaxing Vacations

Can relaxing vacations or retreats help when we are stressed out? And if so where should we go?

Sometimes a vacation or even a retreat can be more stressful than relaxing. Travel these days is generally anything but relaxing. And try it with a family! Of course once you arrive at your destination it might be quite different.

There is no one right way to have a relaxing retreat away from it all. It all depends on what works for you. But it might just be time to "think outside the box" for that next vacation.

What about an outdoor adventure? Or a wilderness retreat? That's my favorite! Away from it all in some beautiful place with nature and wilderness surrounding me. Give me just twenty minutes in a peaceful remote landscape and can actually feel a sense of peace in and around my body.

Some people prefer the ocean. The sight and sound of it can produce a calming effect. A walk on a beach feeling the breeze coming off the ocean and the sound of the waves can do wonders to bring you to the present moment, forgetting about all that has gone before.

Is it possible to go somewhere that is busy, noisy, and bustling and find relaxation? Possibly. Some find the thrill and excitement of watching a sporting event surrounded by others cheering and shouting, can create a sense of immediate focus and a break from the endless chatter of their mind.

The possibilities are endless. All we need to do is know what works for us and experimentation is the best way to find it. Of course we also must be willing to give whatever we try a chance. The first few hours of being "unplugged" can be a little tense for those of us accustomed to our hectic pace of life. We need time to "settle in" to whatever we chose as a way of taking a break.

It also might help to get ideas from others so we've included a section on this site for you and our other readers to tell us about your favorite places to go for a REAL vacation, retreat, or getaway.


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