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This page has been set up to provide you with a place to take advantage of special information and resources from Michael Lee, author of Turn Stress Into Bliss and Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

Content on this page will change from time to time. Sometimes resources will be made freely available to you and sometimes there will be a small charge for materials offered. The purpose is to support you with your work and help you become more effective in taking it to the world.

Working With Couples

Several years ago, Michael taught a workshop entitled "When the Client is a Couple". More recently he updated and repeated that workshop at the first Phoenix Rising Practitioners Conference in Chicago in August 2010 and again in Bristol VT in 2012.

He is now making available the audio tapes of his recorded teachings on how to adapt the PRYT session to be able to effectively work with couples. You can download the set of audio recordings and his workshop handouts, which together will provide you with most of the content of the workshop.

Included is instruction on:

* how to select the right partner yoga assists and partner postures for couples work.

* guidelines for effective couples work

* how to lead couples dialogue

* assumptions that get in the way

* partner integration process

and much more... Participants in Michael's original workshop paid $195.00 to attend. Now you can get the recordings for one single payment of only $39.00. This offer is ONLY for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioners.

Once your payment is received and your graduate status verified, you will be taken to the download page. Be sure to have a high speed internet connection when downloading.


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