Phoenix Rising Yoga Teacher

by Carole Cotten-Figueiredo
(Hillsboro, OR, USA)

I received my Phoenix Rising Yoga Teacher Training between May and September of 2010. This work has been transformational for me on many levels. As a licensed massage therapist, the first two levels of the bodywork training (Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy) have added a quiet depth to my massage practice. I am trained in CranioSacral Therapy, and with that, the concept of dialoguing and holding space for clients, facilitating the release of physical and emotional trauma that may be held in their bodies. I now have greater confidence in my ability to be present for my clients, informed by my own healing experience in the PRYT sessions that we offered each other in the classes. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy created deep somato-emotional releases for me that I have not experienced with any other modality, and I am profoundly inspired.
The parts of the training that specifically relate to teaching yoga classes were exciting to me because I have always loved yoga, and wanted to teach. I feel that PRYTT has given me the gift of combining and deepening my appreciation for the fields that I love, healing/bodywork and yoga.

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