Past Stress, Future Stress, Present Stress

Every generation can point to past stress in their lives as highlighted in the popular Billy Joel song, "We didn't start the fire!"

Click the link below and check out this great music/slide show based on that popular song. Sit back and listen to the words as you watch the show and be sure to click to get the subliminal text at the end of the song. Every one of them is a gem when it comes to dealing with stress from the past, present or future.

Although this slide and music show will mean more to those of us in the boomer generation, my 18 year old son thought it was "pretty cool" too.

Many thanks to the guys who made this great clip and made it free for all of us who care to listen and remember. And thanks to my good friend Wally in Australia for sharing it with me.

If you like it, share the link to this page with your friends so they can see and hear it too.

We Didn't Start The Fire

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