Opening to Love

by Jill
(Seattle, WA)

I often felt constricted in my chest whenever I went into a back bending pose. I had been practicing yoga for about two years and had recently began to hold postures a little longer and relax into them. It was often still difficult with back bends but I kept trying. One morning, as I relaxed into cobra, I felt a sudden surge of energy and heat in the center of my chest. I was a little afraid at first but relaxed and just went with the sensation.

I began to sob for no apparent reason. Tears streamed down my face. The scared and tight feeling seemed to melt away with my tears. I felt like a huge ball of light was shining right in front of my chest and began to feel this wonderful loving feeling. I felt like the whole world was loving me in that moment and it felt so good.

Later in the day I noticed how much more open I was being to people. I was smiling more and noticing others smiling back at me. It felt great. I think I had finally in my life opened up to letting the love in.

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Oct 30, 2009
Beautiful story.
by: Lori

Thanks for sharing this, Jill. I've experienced a similar sensation in backbends but have not been willing to hang out with it. You have given me a guide.

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