New Year Wish from Michael Lee

Enjoy this New Year Wish from Michael Lee, author of Turn Stress Into Bliss. If it fits for you for 2011, feel free to share the link to this page with others or post a copy to your refrigerator like Michael has done.


May I befriend my body as temple of my spirit

And invite it to support my awareness in all things

Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.

May my awareness lead to expanding self-knowledge

Supporting me on my quest for wholeness

And may I fully accept all that is revealed to me in all of my being

Knowing that I am perfect in my imperfection

May I be open to the multitude of choices that present to me

And carefully discern the paths that support me on my journey

May I be open to the truth that is uniquely mine

And have the strength to act on that truth in my day to day life

May my life flow like a stream from mountains to sea

Finding my way no matter what the obstacle or weather

Secure in the knowledge that I am free and I am me, unique, yet one with all.

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