Napa, CA

by Jaunie Federowicz
(Napa, CA)

Hi, my name is Jaunie Federowicz, RYT. I'm a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist- certified practitioner and will be facilitating "TURN STRESS INTO BLISS",an 8 week stress reduction/management program to be held in the gorgeous Napa Valley region of CA.

I invite you to join this group experience- a proven method that combines yoga, meditation, and dialog to reduce stress and increase happiness. For a positive way to manage unhealthy stress, join an innovative program that explores stress relief through simple yoga movement, talk and quiet introspection in a group setting. No experience in yoga or meditation is required.

Did you know that research tells us that it takes about 10 sessions of something in order for us to incorporate small changes permanently? Personal experience has shown me that while I cannot always change what happens to me and around me, I can change my reaction to it. My participation and completion of the 8 week program demonstrated that to me.

Call for dates of our next 8 week group program.

Our location is NAPA NATURAL MEDICINE- 575 Lincoln Ave.Suite #340, Napa, CA 94558. There is plenty of free parking and the location is close to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

Space is limited to 12 participants- so call now (760.562.0220) and reserve your spot!

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