Mind Body Yoga

Leading pioneer in mind body yoga, Michael Lee, presented a one day workshop at the 2010 Boston Yoga Journal Conference titled: Yoga for Stress: Elements for an Effective Practice.

Below are some of his notes from that presentation.


1. Be clear on what you want from your yoga practice and how you want it to contribute to your life. Have a Mission Statement for you life and set an Intention for the Day each time you practice.

2. Select a yoga practice that works for you - one that you can engage without thinking too much about the physical aspects. One where you can reach an "edge" in a number of postures and hold at your edge for several breaths. There are routines suited to this that are described in detail in the book Turn Stress Into Bliss.

3. Use each posture to become present centered and focused.

4. Explore feelings, sensations, images and thoughts as you play your edge. Do so without judgment or the need to fix anything. Simply notice. Use this as an opportunity for awareness.

5. Stay open and receptive to whatever you experience during your mind body yoga experience.

6. Periodically integrate the experience by connecting the dots. What happens on the mat that has a connection to what happens in life.

7. Set homework for yourself to make small life changes based on what you discover in your practice.

8. Affirm yourself for being open to change and the possibilities in life that await you.

Remember: "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."

Practice frequently and life dynamically. To learn more about this approach or to train to lead yoga experiences like this check out the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy website.

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