Making Good Choices

Making good choices can be difficult when we have so many options and so many temptations around us.

Despite what many may think, the ability to make a good choice comes more from our self awareness than from what we have been told or from good intentions.

From knowing ourselves, we know what is true for us and what works for us. From that place we can then choose the kinds of things we do in life that will get us to where we want to go and that will create the inner experience of life that will truly satisfy us.

Without this self knowledge, we will tend to make poor choices and suffer the consequences. Of course over time, if we have the ablity to learn from our mistakes, we will earn self knowledge through the school of hard knocks. But just maybe there is an easier path?

There is. But it also takes some effort. It involves practicing self awareness excercises and engaging in self awareness activity that will lead us to a greater understanding of what is true for us. Our truth is unique and that is just how it should be. This means that if I live out my life according to my truth it won't really look much like anyone else if they are living out their unique truth. This does not mean we won't have any friends. In fact our friendships will be stronger and serve us better when they are based on support for, and acceptance of, our individual differences.

This is a somewhat tricky concept for many folks to understand. Particularly in our younger years we are inclined to think there is a "right" way to live and even a right way to think. We desperately try to "fit in". As we become more aware and hopefully more accepting of our unique selves, we are able to celebrate being just who we are. From here we can create the kinds of experiences in life that will nourish and sustain us.

Living out your truth and making good choices as a result can be a whole lot of fun. Take warning however. It will mean thinking and often acting "outside of the box". If that is scary to you, then I invite you to be scared and try it anyway.

Like to know more? There are many examples that I know, of people who are not willing to accept a mundane lifestyle, but instead look for ways of making good choices for life based on criteria that are important to them.

Tim Ferris, author of "The Four Hour Work Week", is one of my favorites. What a concept! Set up your life to make all that you need in four hours and then enjoy the rest of your time doing what you like. Many would think it not possible. Tim Ferris offers pretty convincing details to show how it can be done.

What about you? What kind of lifestyle do you want? How could making good choices enhance your life?

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