Making Life Changes

Making life changes - ones that last and ones that are in the direction you really want to go - are never easy. In fact most people don't make them.

The majority of us keep on doing the "same old" and hope things "out there" will change for us. Of course that rarely happens and if it does it's rarely for the better - we simply become a victim of life's circumstances.

Lets say you aware that you want to make some serious changes in your life. You don't like the direction you are headed and know it's time to make a shift. You are committed and you are willing to put in the work it will take. So how do you go about it?

Most of us when motivated like this tend to rush into action. We want to make it happen NOW! We suggest you don't. Instead follow Step 1 below.

Step 1. - STOP and take a TIME OUT and DO NOTHING!

Many of us "think" we want to change in a certain way but find just a little way down the road that it's not for us. Before making any changes at all in your life, it's best to first take a time-out and become clear. How long? That depends, but at least enough time to become centered, to listen to yourself, and to use your whole being - your body, your feelings, your sense of self - not just your thinking mind.

A very easy way to do this is to get Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions from a trained practitioner with the intention of gaining clarity. You'll be surprised how quickly and easily this process will engage your whole being (body, mind, feelings,and spirit) and bring an entirely fresh look to everything in your life.

What is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session? Check this video to find out more.

Remember it is very important to STOP, take a TIME OUT, GET IN TOUCH, REFLECT, and then later to ACT from a PLACE OF CLARITY.

Then you will be ready for Step 2 of Making Life Changes!

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