Jessica's Story about Emotional Release

by Jessica Frost
(Orlando, FL)

I have experienced this about 3 times now and its usually always in pidgeon pose. Today I was in the middle of a Yin yoga class which is exactly as I saw you describe it on this website in that its not too hard/not too easy stretches. Its supposed to feel good but we hold it for 5 minutes or so and I really was trying to let go and just feel the muscles in my hips going deeper. I was sitting there focusing and really just being open to what I found in the pose and was very aware of every feeling in my muscles. Then it happened again- I just felt the tears come out of me and I silently cried. It was a really good feeling. After class I went up and asked the teacher about it and he told me similar things to what I read on your website. So I just wanted to share.

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