More Holiday Stress Tips

Try these three simple holiday stress tips to create more fun and less angst the next time you and family get together to celebrate.

Holiday Stress Tip #1. Take time for Transitions

One of the ways to crank up the stress level over the holidays is to go from one activity or place to another without any transition time. It’s easy to do. I know some people who feel obliged to visit four or more different relatives on one day and drag their children along. If this fits your profile you might want to do a little “time management” and make plans to spend some in-between time doing nothing. Or better still, spread the visits out over several days or weekend days before or after the holidays and use some time to just chill at home enjoying your immediate family.

Holiday Stress Tip #2. Get outside often and exercise a little too

Cabin fever usually sets in at holiday time. We don’t get outdoors much and we don’t breathe a whole lot of fresh air. Just 10 minutes a day outside – either walking, skiing, snow shoeing, or just simply playing or watching your garden not grow will do it. And while you are out there try a little deep breathing. Get some of that clear clean air flowing into your lungs and enjoy it.

And Big Tip #3. Remember what the Holidays are about and show up accordingly

One family I know has a huge Christmas dinner every year. Mom slaves in the kitchen for days to make it happen. By the time the dinner is in the oven she is exhausted and usually very cranky. Family members avoid the kitchen in order to avoid Mom. She does manage to pull it together and when she finally sits at the table you can tell she’s been very stressed and not happy for quite a while and it tends to rub off. By all means do the big production for a holiday meal if you can do it without too much effort and retain a positive composure. And ask for help. People love to get involved. But if you can’t do it without a lot of stress, then try something different that will give you time to be with the people you love and want to celebrate with, and to be able to show up for them with love and peace in your heart.

Happy Holidays!

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