Heartburn And Stress

Although heartburn and stress have not been proved to be linked there is a lot of evidence to suggest that there is a connection.

The key is lifestyle. Anyone leading a stressful lifestyle is most likely prone to heartburn. Rushing meals, eating fatty foods, drinking coffee to excess, overeating, eating late at night before bed, ... the list could go on... are all the kinds of behaviors associated with heartburn as well as with stress

It has also been shown that that there is a link between obesity and acid reflux and that losing just 10% of body weight will cause a dramatic improvement in heartburn and acid reflux symptoms for sufferers. People who are overweight also tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle, have a poor diet, and experience more stress than others.

Furthermore, those who use techniques like progressive relaxation on a daily basis tend to find some relief from heartburn related symptoms. Symptoms like heartburn should be checked out. They could be caused by some more serious condition even though it is fairly common for chest pain to be caused by stress or by heartburn.

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