Follow Your Dream

If you follow your dream you are likely to be happier and less stressed. But how many of us follow our dream? How many of us even have a dream?

As children, we all had dreams. We experienced moments of absolute bliss every time we acted them out in some way. So what happened? How come we can often no longer remember what our dreams were?

As we grow up we begin to feel more and more external pressure to move our life in certain directions that will hopefully get us what we want. In the process our dreams get censored, modified, and sometimes completely discarded in the interests of success in the short run. We jump off the dream train, often never to return to it.

Some save their dreams for their retirement. But how much more fulfillment could we have in life if we didn't wait? If we could somehow find a way to get clarity on what our dreams really are and then go about bringing them into our daily life.

Luckily for me, my practice of yoga using the Phoenix Rising approach, helped me uncover, clarify, and act on many of my dreams. I've seen it work for others too. How can yoga help you with your dreams? Well here is what I wrote about that in my first book several years ago.

"In a way, our body is a map...Even when our conscious mind has forgotten, our bodies remember our stories. They remember our pain, our joy and our long-forgotten childhood fantasies and freedom of expression."

- Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge From Body to Soul, by Michael Lee, Health Communications, 1997

One of the ways you can help get in touch with your dreams is to receive a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session. Here's how one practitioner describes her work. Of course once you've clarified your dream you are still several steps away from following it in way that will work for you.

This is where the homework part to "follow your dream" kicks in. Here you have to find a way to pragmatically and painlessly follow your dream in your day to day life. It should be able to be done without a huge disruption or creating financial chaos in your life. There is a process to follow that will help but I won't go into detail here. For now, just trust that where there is a will, there is a way.

I'll give you an example. I used to teach a lot of workshops but in the last few years have slowed down and stepped back to just a few conferences a year so I can spend more time with my family. Before that I was on the road up to 200 days a year. I like my new lifestyle but I also miss teaching sometimes. After all, it is one of my passions. As a kid I was always the teacher and have been one for over forty years in some capacity or another. I'm also passionate about aviation. I love to fly. So for me I created a way to bring both of these passions into my less busy lifestyle. I teach Aviation Science at a local high school four hours a week. It's not a huge time commitment but it keeps two of my dreams alive and well, and adds a lot of joy to my life.

What are your dreams? And if they have become lost or dormant, how can they be revived and become part of your life? What do you need to do to become more aware of your dreams?

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