Financial Stress

Surveys seem to indicate that financial stress is the most prevalent form of stress currently being experienced in today's world. This is really no surprise given the affects of the Great Recession that we've been experiencing.

One might ask - do money difficulties really create stress. The accurate answer is "No". Our financial state, our lack of money, our difficulty paying our bills, or the dismal outlook we see ahead of us are not really the cause of stress. What causes our stress is the way we respond to these issues. Sure, it is only natural for us to worry about our adverse financial situation and to spend many hours anguishing over it. So it's understandable for us to make the connection between our finances and our stress and declare that our finances are causing our stress.

To overcome the stress however, it is important to break this link. Our finances are what they are. We must deal with that reality but in doing so, it's a choice as to how we feel and think as we go about it.

One of the best ways of creating a "get up and go" attitude when dealing with a grim financial picture, is to remember that we are alive and well and also very creative people. Where there is a will there is a way and we can make the best of our situation if we so choose. This is hard at times, so it is vitally important that we do what is necessary to support a positive outlook on life no matter how dismal the situation.

This can be helped by taking good care of ourselves, living in the moment rather than dwelling or the future or the past, and making a plan and putting it in to action.

Most of the exercises, practices, and resources to be found on this web site will help. Take a little time to read and explore and also take a look at the page on

Managing Financial Stress.

One of the best books and programs that we know of to help you get a handle on your finances and achieve financial peace is this book by radio talk show host Dave Ramsey. Check it out!

Financial Peace

Financial Peace

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