Family Stress

Many other issues stem from family stress. It is well worth taking a look at this issue if you sense it might be impacting you and those you love.

Behavior problems in young children and adolescents are often related to the ongoing stress being experienced by the significant adults in their lives.

Unfortunately it is often very difficult to change the issues and habits that have led to the build up of stress.

Over time things can go from bad to worse. Change requires focus and effort on the part of parents. The best approach is for parents to work towards building their own resiliency first and to learn how to be present to others in a way that supports them also becoming more stress reslient.

Building resiliency is the best way to deal with stress in the long term. Most of the material and resources on this website is directed towards this approach to managing stress. Many of the articles on this site will also be helpful to you in learning how stress affects health at an individual and family level, and how to work towards the kinds of changes needed to become more resilient to stress. The longer the time there is ongoing stress on a daily basis in a family situation, the more the health of all concerned will be affected. Of particular concern is the affect on the emotional health of young children and teenagers.

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