Does Stress Make You Fat

To some astute observers of human behavior the question "Does stress make you fat?" is not so crazy. We know that physiologically getting fat is mostly related to diet, metabolism, and lack of exercise. So what then is the connection between stress and fat?

Well, a recent study shows that there is a distinct link between what is defined as "social" stress and belly fat. It seems that those of us who experience stress related to financial issues, parenting, unrewarding work, people issues, and the like (so called social sources of stress) are prone to increased belly fat. And its not just the jelly donut during the coffee break that is the culprit. Apparently there is a more subtle connection.

Carol A. Shively, from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, says that fat located in the abdomen is different than other body fat. It can also have a more harmful effect on health than fat in other areas of the body, she said.

So if you are socially stressed and getting a little rubbery in the belly area it might be time to build up some anti-stress muscle or stay clear of those socially stressful situations.

Realistically, learning how to handle stress in those situations is really the way to go and it all begins with awareness.

So the correct answer to "does stress make you fat" is actually a "no" in terms of a direct relationship between stress and fat. However THE WAY you deal with stress can make a huge difference in what happens to your body as a result of stress. And if you want to change that, remember awareness is the key.

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