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Each year Michael presents at several conferences and does three workshops in various locations. Contact Michael if you are looking for a dynamic speaker for your Conference. Michael can adjust to suit your audience or topic needs. Find out more about Michael Lee

Workshops and Retreats with Michael Lee

Group and Individual Retreats with Michael


NEW ONLINE WORKSHOP COMING SOON: Yoga Therapy to Enhance Emotional and Mental Clarity

How would you like to have greater mental clarity and enhanced emotional well-being?

In this workshop, Michael Lee, the Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, will lead you you through a process that gives you the tools to significantly enhance awareness and open your life to greater choice.

You will re-connect with your unique spirit, find greater freedom and joy, and literally turn your stress into bliss.

The program is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students and teachers of yoga. The skills and processes you will learn are based on the ancient wisdom of yoga combined with contemporary approaches to mind-body therapy. They are both safe and easy to learn. When you complete this workshop you will have the skills and knowledge needed to make a positive difference in your life on a daily basis and in turn enhance the life experience of those around you. Do it for you! Do it for them!

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