Biggest Causes of Stress

The biggest causes of stress among Canadians are listed as follows according to some very recent research. It is likely that if similar research were done in the USA or Europe the results would probably be similar.

1. Finances

2. Work

3. Family

4. Health

5. Balancing work and personal life

6. Relationships

Over 53% of those surveyed listed finances as a major cause of stress for them. I guess that is not surprising given the current state of the global economy.

Women were also more stressed than men in all of the areas except for work.

What are your biggest sources of stress? Would your list match the one above and even if it does can you be more specific with your list? Taking the time to ask yourself and compile a list may well help you to handle these issues with a greater sense of purpose. Stress is often much worse when we feel powerless to change it. The first step in making changes is develop greater awareness.

To read more about the Canadian survey click here.

Managing Financial Stress

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