Beyond Stress Management

Why not go beyond stress management? Managing stress is really just a holding operation. We do just enough to deal with the stresses of daily life so they don't take us down and we get by. But is that enough? Don't we want to lead full and vibrant lives with ease? Be tuned in to all that goes on around us and be able to simply go with the flow?

There is a way of being that is sometimes referred to as "Flow". What is flow you might ask?

The best way to describe it is those moments when everything seems just right. No change is needed. We can simply be present to what ever is happening and be totally content with it all without fear or apprehension and even without reservation. What would life be like if most of the moments in it were like that? We would be living in Flow.

When in flow we are immune from stress and can cope with just about anything that life brings to us. We celebrate being alive and all that life brings. I'm sure you can remember moments like this. For most of us, we do experience those moments from time to time. Generally though they are few and far between. Can we have more of them?

People in flow are also generally the kind of people who are following their dream in life. To read more about this concept check out this article I wrote some years ago and that is currently published on the Phoenix Rising website.

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