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This article on meditation is designed for those who don't or can't meditate but know that meditation for stress relief is probably the way to go.

For those of us with birthdays that bring up numbers on the dark side of fifty the very word “meditation” is likely to bring up images of a bare footed and bearded Mahirishi sitting with his legs crossed and toes near his navel with a big red blob in the center of his forehead. Thanks to the Beatles many of us probably tried it, and a few may have even gotten a glimpse nirvana at times.

But soon the party at Berkeley and other places was over and we had to go out and get real jobs, maybe even putting on a suit and buying a house in the 'burbs. The art of mediation faded along with the other memories of a time like no other.

But in the last few years there seems once again to be a growing interest in using some of the ancient techniques of the East. It is propelled mainly by our passion for good looks and longevity, but who cares about the motive. Getting our heads sorted out and reducing the national health bill are not such bad things to happen in our world however we get there. Many of us however, haven’t yet embraced this new craze of yoga and meditation that is sweeping our nation. Why not?

Well for starters we could never get out legs crossed let alone get our toes near our navel. And even if we could sit like that we might never get up. And all this crap about sitting and not thinking about anything for twenty minutes or more in silence.... well, have you ever lived in New York? Stop thinking and you’re dead. Someone might break in and mug you while you were in bliss. But your chances of getting there would be slim anyway with all the ruckus coming from the apartment next door and the sirens wailing on the street below.If you search the web and find an article on meditation it will more than likely follow a traditional approach.

If you don’t see yourself as “one of those weirdo meditation dudes” but think you could use a little more serenity in your life, read on. This particular article on meditation is probably for you. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be clear headed, focused, and emotionally balanced (well maybe) in a very short time.

1. Forget the cross legged thing so often found in most articles on meditation. Its not essential. In fact forget even sitting.

2. Just do the dishes instead. True! I mean it! Can’t find any? Clean out the leftovers in the fridge and have a feast (at least on the leftovers that haven’t yet started to manufacture penicillin). Then take a half dozen or so dirty dishes and wash each one very very carefully while repeating this mantra. ”Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Just here now washing this dish right now in this moment.” Everytime you are distracted from doing ONLY this and not focusing only on washing this one dish (and you will be) simply notice the distraction and name it. “Ah.. thinking about that bitch at the office again”. Noticing THINKING, and NOT LIKING and ANGER. Mmmm … back to the dish… this dish, right here right now.. “Nowhere to go, nothing to do.” and so on. Repeat for each of your six dishes and don't rush! If it takes you half an hour, that's great!

3. If you can do this for just one dish before throwing another one on the floor, congratulations. You’re on your way to becoming a meditator. And if you do happen to throw one, notice and name that too. Now there are other daily life things you can use to apply the same exercise. Its just about getting totally present to the one single thing you are doing and noticing and naming the distractions. That’s, it. No more, no less.

4. WALKING… As you walk notice carefully each step. One foot after the next. Really focus on walking… the feel of each foot coming down and lifting off. Get totally into the act of walking. And repeat your mantra. “Nowhere to go, nothing to do… just here now walking. Noticing walking .. this moment here now.” And again if distracted follow the same routine. Notice and name the distraction and come back again to walking and the mantra. Getting the idea?

5. That’s enough for your first week of practice. Do it daily for at least one half hour. Washing dishes and walking every day, noticing and naming while you do it. Simple huh? I told you this article on meditation was different from the usual. And if you can do what it says, I promise you'll notice results.

Follow these easy directions and will have learn that meditation to relieve stress is both possible and effective for even those of us who don't think we can meditate.

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