Age and Stress

Are age and stress related and are older people more prone to stress than younger people?

At first glance it may seem that older people are more prone to stress especially if their physical condition becomes limiting. According to the research though, this may not be the case. In a recent study in which people were evaluated and their stress levels measured, the results showed that "there is no significant relationship between stress levels and chronological age."

The researchers also concluded that stress affects everyone differently regardless of age.

In another survey of U.S. adults aged 25 to 74 years of age, just 8% of young adults said they had even one stress-free day in a given week, compared with 12% of mid-lifers and 19% of those over 60. It seems that one could argue that as people get older they become more "mellow" and don't stress over petty things as much. Would you say that is true for you?

Another interesting discovery is that the kinds of things that cause us stress change as we age.

Young people tend to be more stressed by those factors we categorize as "interpersonal tension." Mid lifers are more stressed by the demands of job and career while for older people it is more "health issues" that create stress.

The good news is that across all age groups stress can be better managed by those who are more aware of what causes their stress and and who are willing to make changes as a result of that information.

There is also evidence to suggest that those who are willing to take better care of themselves, develop greater resiliency to stress and are able to withstand higher levels of stress, regardless of age.

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