Happy Thanksgiving

My favorite holiday! Much to be thankful for this year. How about you? Don't forget to include a time for sharing your gratitude with others when you gather to celebrate this great American holiday. Holiday times can be stressful, even this one. I wrote a short tongue in cheek piece on how to avoid some of the pitfalls of stress around Thanksgiving. You can read it here

Dynamic Living for Busy Professionals

I'm pleased to announce this great new program - a 16 week one-on-one program in conjunction with my good friend and partner, Alicia Rodgriguez of Sohpia Associates. Both Alicia and I don't like to compromise on quality and we feel that a lot of stress management programs out there in the corporate world are simply window dressing. That's why this new program is very comprehensive and hopefully life enhancing and life changing for those who participate. Take a listen to the free podcast we made to introduce the program. Please pass on the link to anyone you know who might be a candidate for a program such as this. I will also be suggesting to any clients who take the program to seek out the support of Phoenix Rising Group Facilitators, Teachers, and Practitioners in their area to supplement the work they do each week with me.
Relaxing Vacation Anyone?

Every year most of us take at least one vacation in the hope of unwinding, relaxing, and recharging our batteries. Sometimes though, our escape from the usual is anything but relaxing. If you could create the perfect relaxing break for yourself where would you go? I'm asking my website readers to share their favorite place on this interactive page. Head on over and tell us about your place and read what others have said. Mine is on there too and for those of you who know me, you probably know where that is, right?
Guest Authors Wanted

While we are on the subject, I'm aware that many of my readers have stories to tell about either their personal or professional experiences with stress and stress related issues. So I've opened up a Guest Author section and am inviting contributions from you. Just scroll down this page and you'll find a space to tell your story or submit your article. Its very easy!

As long as what you write fits with the theme of the website and is useful to other readers, I'll publish it. I'll also give you a link to your website if you want, and each month I'll give away a free signed copy of my book to the most popular article published based on number of clicks. So head on over and exercise those keyboard fingers. If you don't want to write an article but have a few tips on stress management to share with others you can do that here.

Self Awareness Activity

In the several months the website Turn-Stress-Into-Bliss.com has been up it's interesting that some of the most popular pages are those on awareness and self awareness activities. I must say I'm a little surprised even though I know that self-awareness is one of the keys to effective stress management in life. That is why the chapters of my book are centered around several life themes and exercises for deepening awareness in each area.

How frequently do you deliberately practice awareness enhancing exercises? These can be particularly useful any time you feel you might be in a rut in your life, or when things get a little tense, or you just feel like you need a change. Awareness will promote change from the inside out, and that's the best kind. Perhaps you might like to revisit some of these awareness activities.

Examiner Articles

Don't forget to check out my recent articles in The Examiner by clicking the above link. You will see I like to cover a wide range of topics. If you have an interesting or newsworthy story you think I might like to write about for the Examiner email the idea to me.
Audio Files

Check out these audio files that accompany the first week of the Eight Week Program if you haven't heard them yet. Just click on the link above. There is also now a free Mini E-book download available on Befriending Your Body. Feel free to share the link to this download with your friends, students, or colleagues.

Also, please pass on this E-zine or sign up your friends directly right here.

Don't forget to bookmark the Turn-Stress-Into-Bliss website. It is growing rapidly.

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