Free Audio Files Now Available

I have uploaded a few introductory audio files to accompany the 8-Week Program outlined in the book Turn Stress Into Bliss. Take a few minutes to listen in. I hope to upload further files in the coming weeks. A lot will depend on feedback, so please leave a comment on the audio page on the website after you listen.

Yoga and Emotions

I wrote this short article in response to questions from both yoga practitioners and teachers. I hope it will help de-mystify what we know as "emotional release" in yoga - something that is perfectly natural and potentially very healing.

Why Stress Management Programs Dont Work

I can't believe the number of stress management programs that are out there these days. It seems like it's a trend that has become very popular. But do they work? I hope this article will help folks get clear on what needs to happen to support real change.

Examiner Articles

I'm now writing articles for in the area of "Health and Happiness". Click on the above link to read some of my recent ones. In particular you might be interested in the one on Obesity and Social Networks. Very interesting theory now supported by some hard data. I was also pleased to be able to write article about the wonderful compassionate program that my Aussie friend and colleague Ken Lidden and his wife Anne have going on at their studio in Topsfield, MA.

Holiday Season Approaches

We are just a few days from Halloween. My most unfavorite celebration, if you could call it that. I just can't understand why grown adults dress their kids up in some plastic costume from K-Mart and send them out on the street to beg for candy that will keep them wired for at least a week. Oh well... Happy Halloween anyway! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Now was it Snickers bars...

Then Thanksgiving - that's another story. My most favorite holiday by far. I can't wait to gather with my huge family and extended families to give thanks and celebrate with each other. Not to mention the food!

Of course holidays can definitely be a time of stress. I have a page on the website that addresses this issue if you want to get an early start on planning and celebrating without a lot of stress this year. >>>>read more>>>

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