So what are the biggest causes of stress? I must admit I had not really thought much about this question. To me, stress is relative and different for different people. But the Canadians got to me with their research eh? And I must admit I was fascinated by what they discovered. Check it out!

While on the research bandwagon I came across some interesting stuff on the affect of age on stress. Contrary to what I first thought, it seems like good news for those of us getting up there in age.

How I manage my own time has been on my front burner lately so I decided to write about it. By putting what I wrote into practice this ezine is coming to you today instead of next week. Check my time management tips.

SUMMER SOLSTICE This coming Sunday marks the longest day of this year here in the Northern Hemisphere. On this day I like to sit on the deck of my camp in Maine and watch the sunset over the lake and notice the the spot on the lake shore where the sun dips below the horizon. It gives me a visual reference as the days now start getting shorter, and reminds me daily that it's time to make the most of summer and enjoy it while it's here. (Without stressing about it, that is.) Happy Solstice to you, and may you enjoy every day of your summer.

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