Happy Memorial Day! May it be a great time for you to relax, enjoy the warmer days, and celebrate.

Memorial Day is traditionally a time of gratitude. A time for us to be grateful for those who sacrificed their lives to keep us safe and free.

"What has gratitude got to do with stress?" you might ask. Gratitude is in fact a great antidote to stress. When we are grateful for something and in the flow of gratitude, we are in a state of being that is open and giving and feels good. It's hard to be stressed when feeling grateful.

So practicing an attitude of gratitude helps us de-stress. Try it this weekend. As well as finding some tangible way to express your gratitude for our veterans, extend it to your family and friends.

Give thanks for them being in your life, and the contribution they make to your life. As you do so, feel the worry and stress of the past disappear as you feel grateful for all you have here now, this weekend.

I'm sure at some point over the weekend many of us will have a chance to grill outdoors and clean up after. That might be a great opportunity for you to practice my "doing the dishes" meditation exercise. From feedback I've had from readers, this one really works. Try it!

On a personal note, I've been hard at work writing more pages for the NEW Turn-Stress-Into-Bliss website but I did manage to take a few days off to go fishing for native brook trout in northern Maine earlier this week. It's so beautiful up there and does so much to help me let go of stress just moments after I arrive, that I'm toying with ideas to introduce more people to the area. Maybe some stress reduction hiking trips. Hopefully I'll spend some more of my writing time there this summer looking out over the lake and the view of Katahdin behind it.

Cheers for now.

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