To me the celebration of the passing of one year and the dawning of another is like passing an important way point on a flight plan or cruise. It is time to check how everything is going and make sure I'm on track for where I'm headed.

Inspired by that awareness, this year I composed a short poem that helps me clarify those aspects of being that I have learned are important to keep me on track.

I offer it to you. If you find a resonance with it, feel free to adopt it as yours or modify as you feel inclined.

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Retreat in 2011

I'm still planning on offering a Wilderness Retreat. in the wilds of Northern Maine in the fall. A time for Self Renewal. I believe that the combination of body-mind focusing experiences in a wilderness setting can be very powerful. Add in some magnificent mountains and lakes, great food, and the company of other life adventurers, and you have the potential to shift your head, your heart and your soul to a new frequency in just a few short days. I hope you will join me on this adventure. I'll be announcing dates and details early in the new Year.

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Those Resolutions

Listening to an Australia Radio Station a few days ago (I do that sometimes when I miss my old country), I heard some interesting statistics. Over 50% of us actually MAKE New Year's Resolutions. And of those who do over 88% break them! Wow!!! Not a great success rate eh? So how can you make resolutions that you actually have a good shot at keeping. Try these tips.
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Best wishes for a great 2011,